Feedback from Participants of the 5/5/19 Community Discussion on Death and Dying

Some words participants used to describe the first Open Forum Discussion on Death and Dying:

“Important”,    “interesting”,   “supportive”,   “meaningful”,   “reassuring”,  “comforting” ,  “informative”,    “reciprocal”,  “peace”, “sadness”


When asked “what would you tell others..?”

“Not to fear death and spend time with your loved ones who don’t have long”

“It’s not about the bad, it’s about the good”

“…It helped address a lot of the fears people associate with dying”

“It (death) is important to talk about and there is no judgement”

“How important it is to talk about death while you can”

“I was able to talk about death in a normalized way” and “.. everyone sees death in a different way…”

“Don’t be afraid to attend!”

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