When facing multiple health issues, chronic or terminal conditions, individuals and their loved ones are on the “rollercoaster” of “anticipatory grief” or in total denial that death is a natural part of life. When you experience overwhelming feelings including lack of control, anxiety, helplessness, abandoned, lonely, angry, and grief, an experienced doula is a compassionate presence and will assist in empowering you to create a plan so that you can live your life with an increased peace of mind.

An end-of-life doula (EOLD), like a birthing doula, helps prepare loved ones for a natural part of life.  Rather than bringing a child into the world, an EOLD assist in preparing for the natural “transition” in the end of one’s life: death.

Rather than wait until the crisis, browse through my website pages and links to explore the options, decrease fears and attain the personalized support you need.

The awareness one gains when making a plan and preparing for death, creates a shift in priorities and allows us to live life more fully, bring personal relationships closer and increase the quality of life, in a way that is defined by each individual.”

Sharon McCullough, RN, CEOLD